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Sif Degree Show 54.jpg

Wool Stuck on Wire

Degree Show installation 2022
Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum and Art Centre, Lochmaddy, Isle of North Uist.

(image by Cara Forbes)

Installation of ceramic fragments: mud-soaked wool left to dry on wire, then fired leaving the form of everything in-between the wool- fragile, crumbling, familiar but foreign. Fragments suspended and layered with sound and moving image of hidden island spaces. One, the in-between space under the pier where the man-made is swallowed by the sea twice a day. The familiar sounds of the shore are held in the echo of the concrete darkness creating an uncanny and unfamiliar atmosphere. Saxophone noises like the ferry foghorn when the haar comes in. Working towards a twilight-like state where encounters are not as easily preconceived and our senses recalibrate.

Detail images by Cara Forbes


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